Full Service Interior Buildout Services

Steve Johnson, Inc. is a full service commercial interior contractor providing expertise and skill prior to and throughout a build-out. Steve Johnson provides exceptional quality in build-out while still maintaining competitive pricing. This is made possible through the long enduring industry associations Steve Johnson has cultured in his 16 years of award winning construction as a Florida home builder. These associations afford Steve Johnson, Inc. the added advantage of stable buying power and problem solving capabilities that can often make the difference in completing a project on time and within budget.

Steve Johnson, Inc. works as a team member with a Developer, Architect and Tenant to construct the most economical but quality interior build-out possible. Pre-construction services can be provided even before signing a lease. This allows more time to focus on budget concerns by scrutinizing material and labor selection. Providing a complete breakdown of costs for both developer and tenant, cost analysis is simplified. Steve Johnson’s expertise customizes the selection of workers, materials and subcontractors to optimize client satisfaction.

Each Client Receives Individual Attention

The individual attention given to each client of Steve Johnson, Inc. is what sets Steve apart from his competition. Quality and personalized service has given Steve a reputation of integrity and exceptional craftsmanship in the construction industry.

Diversity is Key

As a general contractor, Steve Johnson, Inc. specializes in new construction of commercial and residential buildings. This expertise and experience is applied in every tenant build-out as though it was a ground up project. Whether new construction, tenant build-out or remodeling, each project is executed with the same award winning commitment and skill. Mr. Johnson is so firmly committed to this level of excellence that his name is on every project.

Optimum Client Satisfaction

Steve Johnson custom selects materials and labor for each project to optimize client satisfaction.