Remodeling Services

Steve Johnson Builders offers a remodeling division that brings the expertise and experience of Jacksonville, Florida’s premier custom home builder to your home remodel.

Our Mission

We will be the best design/build remodeling company by providing quality design, craftsmanship, and finished projects resulting in clients and employees being well pleased with both the remodeling experience and the finished project.

What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is a one-stop shopping approach to remodeling that allows the homeowner to work with one company for the duration of the project. That company is responsible for professional-quality design, the development of working drawings, project management, and project construction.

Meeting Your Needs and Expectations

At Steve Johnson Builders Remodeling, the design/build process begins with your initial contact with us. We meet with you to learn your desires, goals, and budget for the project. While there, we look at the site to locate major design considerations. Using this information, we share an estimated price range for the cost of the construction. If the range is acceptable and you decide to proceed with the project, we ask you to enter into a design contract with us that states you will commit to having us construct your project provided we develop designs that meet your needs and stay within your budget.

Creating Unique Solutions

During the design phase, the design, drawings, and specifications are developed through frequent interaction between the homeowner, our in-house designer, and the production personnel. This allows the project design to focus on the project budget, while meeting the design requirements of the homeowner. The process begins by selecting a floor plan from several initial designs that we develop and continues until all selections (cabinets, siding, plumbing fixtures, floor covering, light fixtures, etc.) for the entire project are either made or limited to an allowance amount. During this process we are able to show you in 3D how each of the details will affect the look and feel of the finished project. Once you are satisfied with the project design, we prepare the construction contract.

Putting It All Together

The construction contract documents consist of the contract, the drawings, the specifications, the terms and conditions, and other documents as required by law. The contract stipulates the exact price for the construction and the terms of payment. The drawings include the floor plan, elevations, and typical wall section for the project. The specifications list all of the work (labor, materials, and subcontracted work) included in the total construction price. The specifications also include all of the material selections you have made for the project and limits those not made to an allowance amount. Construction delays and problems are limited by having all selections made prior to the beginning of construction, however, that is not always possible. In those cases, we assign an allowance value for specific items based on our previous experience. The difference between the actual price of your selections and the allowance is either billed to you or credited to your bill at the end of the project.

The Construction Process

After the construction contract is signed, we apply for the required building permits and assign your project to one of our project managers. It is their responsibility to coordinate and construct the project from beginning to end. Our crews build the physical structure while the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and occasionally the cabinet phases are subcontracted to hand-selected subcontractors. Our project manager is normally on site any time work is being done to insure that it is progressing properly and efficiently. Our primary objectives during construction are to minimize the interruption to your life, maintain a clean, safe, and efficient job site, and go the extra mile to make the experience a pleasant one for you.

A Quality Finished Product

Once construction is completed, it’s time to enjoy your new addition. It is then that you will appreciate the quality of workmanship and materials that come together to create your new living environment. Our commitment to you does not end when the construction is completed. If you encounter any problems with any detail of the project, we will come, examine the issue and either fix it or make recommendations to you to resolve the issue. Your satisfaction is our commitment.